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Work From Home Tips



Compiled By KRBrandes

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What Is A Good Way To Make Money From Home?


By Ruth Clevinger


When seeking an online job, it is important to keep in mind that get rich fast schemes are not the way to go simply because they are a fairy tale. Although many people would love to believe they exist, unfortunately they don't. Anything you choose to do from home will take work, consistency and time. That is the reality. So if you're not willing to put in the effort, you might as well forget about looking for anything to do from home.If you're a beginner and don't have any experience, there are some easier routes you can take. Such as jobs that don't require you to have a product or a website.


Here Are A Few Ideas Of What You Could Look Into For Extra Money


1.Online surveys: Taking surveys has become extremely popular. Although you won't make a lot of money with this or replace your day job, you could make enough to pay an extra bill or two. Market research is a big business and they're always on the lookout for consumer opinions.


2. Become A Secret Shopper: Mystery shopping has become a well liked occupation. Again, you won't be able to replace your day job doing this, but it is a means of extra money, free food or free gifts. Sometimes you can get pretty cool gifts like expensive beauty products.That is, of course depending on what type of secret shopping you do. This job simply entails sort of spying on a business and see how things are being run from a customers point of view. You get paid for your report on the company you were directed to shop for.


3.Become An Affiliate: This one has great potential of really paying the bills. You basically get paid to promote online businesses and their products. This one is commission-based, (usually 50-75%.) You have the choice to have your own website for this or not but either way, if done properly you can make a nice living doing this. You will, however, need to either do a lot of research to learn the trade or join a training program to really perfect your craft.


The key to online success is education. You don't have to be a genius or even start out with experience. As long as you're willing to learn and put in the time. You could really find something long term to depend on for extra money or even a full time income online.


Still need help finding something from home? We can help. We offer a step by step training program which has been long standing and has helped many, whether you have experience or are just starting out. For more information please visitMake Money From Home


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Practical Tips For Moms Who Work From Home


 By http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Theresa_Ceniccola

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7217736


Many people tell me they would love to work from home but don't think they have the discipline. They have visions of getting distracted on Facebook, running errands all day or spending time cooking, cleaning or gardening instead of working. And some of my clients who are stay-at-home moms often have a difficult time adjusting to the home business world because they already have a full plate. They can't figure out how to squeeze in time for work.

For me, the daily life of working from home is more appealing than challenging. I think it's because I've been doing it for 18 years and have worked out a few systems to ensure things go smoothly. The Christian business owners and mom entrepreneurs I work with have adopted these strategies and they're starting to notice big results! They're more productive and efficient. They have more passion for their business. And - most importantly - they are able to be more fully present at home and at work.

Ready to learn our secrets? Here are some of my favorite tips for balancing family and a home business.

Time Management and Productivity Tips for Home Based Business Owners

1. Create a Schedule. If you're a creative mom, you may have an aversion to schedules and deadlines. But do yourself a favor and try it for a week. Set aside a specific time slot for your business instead of working only when you feel inspired, or if you have the energy, or while the kids are napping.

Even if you can only devote an hour a day to your business, it's important to know exactly when that hour is and what you intend to do with it. You can accomplish a great deal in 60 minutes of focused work. But if you try to steal five minutes here and ten minutes there, you'll likely find yourself stuck in the same place for weeks.


2. Establish Boundaries. This is where most home based business owners struggle. They flow back and forth from mom to entrepreneur all day, never sure which role they should be playing. You know what I'm talking about - you're working on a project and your child wants you to play a game of Go Fish, so you try to do both at the same time. Or, you make empty promises that Mommy will play the game in ten more minutes.


When you set boundaries, like designated work space and specific office hours, it gives you the freedom to concentrate fully on the task at hand - whether at work or play. But you have to honor those boundaries - by not taking personal calls or answering personal emails while you are working, and by putting your phone out of reach when it's time to be with your children. Your family will appreciate the boundaries- they'll learn to recognize when Mommy is working and when she is available, rather than constantly having to compete for your attention.


3. Find Reliable Childcare. I remember when my oldest son was a baby and I was working from home on a writing assignment for a large law firm. I had it planned out perfectly. I would have two hours a day to write - during naptime. All of a sudden, my perfect napper decided not to sleep every afternoon. So after weeks of frustration and misplaced anger (sorry, Andrew!), I ended up writing while my son watched TV - a decision I still regret.


So if your children are not yet in school, and you have a home based business, find a consistent and reliable form of childcare - even if it means swapping playdates with a friend.


4. Let Go of Something. Chances are you were a busy mom even before you started your business. Or maybe you were a busy entrepreneur before you became a mom. Either way, when you add a new responsibility, you've got to let go of something else. Nobody is going to do this for you. You have to be the one to reprioritize and cut back on the activities and obligations that no longer seem to fit.


5. Don't Compromise Sleep. Remember when your baby was born and the doctor told you to be sure to take naps whenever the baby slept? Of course you were thinking of all the dirty laundry that need to be washed and the fact that you hadn't taken a shower all day. But if you were smart, you took a nap. Because you knew that a cranky Mommy is no good to anyone.


The same thing holds true now. If you're burning the midnight oil because you can only work on your business while the kids are asleep, stop right now. The lack of sleep will catch up with you and you'll find yourself sick and unhappy. I can tell you from experience - it isn't worth it. You'll be a much better mompreneur if you are sleeping well.


6. Hold a Weekly Planning Meeting. Ever have one of those days when you were busy all day but you have no idea what you did? This happens when we are not clear on our priorities. We bounce from one thing to the next without completing anything. And we get distracted on a seemingly worthwhile task (like cleaning out the fridge) only to avoid doing what really needs to be done (like completing a project for a client).


The solution? A weekly planning meeting - one of the best productivity tips for mompreneurs. Take 30 minutes at the beginning of the week to establish your top priorities for the week. This is not about writing a "to do" list. This is a chance for you to focus on your goals for your business, your family and even yourself. Make a list of all the recurring activities you do - such as marketing, content creation, phone calls, errands, meal preparation, house cleaning, errands, carpools, paying bills, etc. Then go through the list each week and identify your goals and tasks for the week so you can schedule them on the calendar.


7. Get Out of the House. This is difficult for many moms with small children. After all, one of the reasons we choose a home business is because we want to be home with our families. But when you are running a business in a vacuum, it can get a bit lonely.


One of my mentors says, "An hour in front of an audience is worth six months behind the desk." While there is a lot of connecting that begins online, the real relationships are still developing in person. So make it a part of your regular schedule to attend local networking meetings, conferences or events where you can meet clients, colleagues and mentors to support you on your journey. Not only will you make new friends, but the fresh air and change of scenery will be good for you!


What are your favorite tips for working from home?


Theresa Ceniccola is The Christian Mompreneur--a Mentor to Moms Who are Running a Business that Supports Faith and Family. As the president and founder of the International Christian Mompreneur Network, she empowers entrepreneurial moms to build profitable businesses with wisdom and grace. Her programs, masterminds and retreats help Christian business owners who are starting a business, working from home or growing an existing business. If you are searching for a way to share your talent and follow God's plan through a prosperous business that puts faith and family first, then join the International Christian Mompreneur Network for free at http://www.ICMNetwork.com You'll receive a Christian Mompreneur Toolkit, which includes the Ten Commandments of a Mompreneur and a complimentary subscription to "Wisdom and Grace," an enewsletter filled with solutions and support for your faith-filled business journey.


Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Theresa_Ceniccola


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7217736


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7 Reasons Why People Fail To Make Money In Online, Multilevel And Affiliate Marketing Businesses


 By http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chioma_Iheme 


There are several reasons why many people fail to earn reasonable sums of money from their various online businesses. These reasons range from simple things like attitude to complex technicalities.


In this article, I will discuss the common reasons why many people fail to earn money from internet marketing, Multilevel marketing, affiliate marketing and any business for that matter. Knowledge of the possible causes of failure will help the novice networker know what to avoid to prevent failure. We are all prone to these shortcomings and need to examine the cause of our failure and retrace our footsteps in the right direction.


1. Inability to focus on one thing: Many online marketers do not have focus. They set out to achieve one thing and along the line, because of the many opportunities that abound on the internet, try to do many things at the same time. This is surely a recipe for disaster. You have to do one thing, and stick with it; succeed in it before you move on to the next. That way, you devote all your time and effort to the thing that matters, and achieve good results.


2. Joining the wrong program: Some choose the wrong program. It is usually better to join an Multilevel marketing opportunity which offers some residual income in the long run. Some people join affiliate programs which offers a one-time commission and after that, nothing else comes in.


3. Wrong concept of what network marketing is all about: Many marketers join the business with high expectations of instant riches. They have false expectations due to the overhyped advertisements they are gullible enough to believe. They expect to do no work, and as a result, get frustrated when they see the amount of work needed to achieve success, and subsequently give up.


4. Lack of consistency and inability to see projects through: Many people don't have the required patience it takes to see projects through. They get impatient when they don't see instant results. They are not consistent with their goals and keep jumping from one "wonderful" program to the next, achieving very little.


5. Wrong Sponsors: People fail because they have no competent sponsor to guide them through the rudiments of the business. Find a mentor who is committed to you if your sponsor is not doing his/her work.


6. Lack of self-development: People come into online businesses knowing next to nothing about the business, and still expect to succeed. You need to educate and develop yourself in your line of business in order to succeed. You need to become an expert in your line of business.


7. Lack of planning: There's a saying that says, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Some people only have a vague idea of what they want to do to succeed. And of course, they fail. In order to succeed in your business, draw up a daily schedule, itemize the things you want to achieve and stick to the plan.


So, if you are a new network marketer, take a serious look at the above points and make sure you don't repeat the mistakes of others. Persevere in your business, and success will be yours.


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